Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Slight Transient Ischemic Attack....almost

There I was. Setting among my fellow elocutionist. Listening as each person before me executed his or her poem. It was my turn and having studied I thought nothing but to get up and elocute. And then it happened. Complete and solid brain freeze. My recitation was completely gone! Nothing in my mind except the words BE STRONG. And that's when I saw god's hand in my path this evening. Mr. Babcock's poem truly became mine.
I realized I could cry, say I messed up, laugh, become embarrassed and sit down. Or I could be strong, wait for someone to turn to my poem in the 101 Famous Poems book and give me a prompt.
After my first assist I again drew a blank. And this was after being told by our instructor Gina Harsh, that she had never heard this poem said with such inner strength! And here I was at a complete block. Yet I stood up, I spoke out and bravely in God's name I delivered my message.
I feel grateful for this experience. I was sustained with composure and even peace. WOW! I was upheld to not give up my fight. Not of my own accord but by the hand of God.

Elocution 360 was worth every dollar. I came away wondering what is God doing with me? How is providence shaping and refining me to prepare me for the missions intended for me? I received words of compliment. More was said but I don't know that I can do their words justice which is why I think what people saw within me was not me but the Spirit of truth, hope, faith, and courage. All the gifts I have been praying for. This was a spiritual experience for me.

The key to Elocution: Do it, do it, do it, and do it again.

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