Thursday, May 8, 2008

Twenty Energy Fields...

I sent an email out this week to members of the colloquium group and mentioned that everyone could now us the driveway. I guess that excited everyone to hear because 20 people attended!

I am exhausted. Is it possible I give away energy to others? How is that possible? I only mention this energy loss idea because someone suggested it to me.

Our discussion was the article Scholar Phase by Dr. Oliver DeMille. I wanted to know if anyone else suffers anxiety as we travel this new path of leadership education so not like the education I was raised with. And how can I possibly inspire my children towards a scholarly liberal arts education if I am not giving the effort, time , energy, and hard work/pain first? I can't.
Thus I have started to let the children know that we will have a family counsel regarding changes in chores and increase responsibility to the children so mom can begin her extension classes with GWC and continue reading for the weekly colloquium.
I think I have spoken this idea to the kids a few times now and today they said to me in such a way as to let me know they are thinking about these changes and realize that it's time for mom to do the walk and not just talk about it.

So how about those energy fields?

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