Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out Dough Boy!

Watch out Dough Boy, there's a new belly in town!
That's right.
He can jiggle like Tevye, and sing a little too.
Unlike Tevye, he can cook a darn good loaf of bread.
Shh. Don't tell anyone, but we had to buy a can of beer to make this amazing bread.
It was so embarrassing to go to our local store. What if our Bishop sees us? We grabbed a brown bag to conceal the guilty evidence.
We didn't even know what a Leger beer was!
Until now. Oh boy. You better watch out.
I wish I took a picture before we cut into this thing of beauty. It was round, raised, golden brown, with a hard chewy crust. The inside was sweet, white, and tender. The butter melted perfectly into the air holes. As we chewed, Mattia said it was like "eating a piece of heaven".

Well, we still have beer left over so Gove is now making 8 loafs. The key is how you cook them. It's in dutch ovens heated to 500 degrees. The credit has to go to Holly who gave this incredible magazine to us.

I highly recommend Cook's Illustrated. It's much better then Sports Illustrated and you actually learn valuable skills for the kitchen.

If your lucky, you might be on our list for free delivery tonight. Then again, maybe not.

P.S. My honey just asked if there might be a Cook's swim suit edition.

My answer to him: Only in our kitchen dear husband..

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