Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Go Girl!...

Let me tell you... That girl Bethany is on a roll today!

First, she finds this creature in the playroom. We took the miniature monster to the Bean Museum and low an behold, it's called a Household Centipede. It seems they love to eat insects and yes it's poisonous just like the centipedes with the short legs. Luckily, the centipedes in Provo don't hurt humans. At lest thats what Dr. somebody said.

Secondly, I take the girls to D.I. and she spots with her sharp eagle eyes a
Viking sewing machine for $25. Beth says she'll pay $12.
So I say o.k. and we buy it. It works!
Bethany has already sewed her first bag for her doll or for herself (she isn't sure which). The girl is busting with joy as she has wanted a sewing machine for many months now.

Oh what a beautiful day! Really.

I'm listening to Oklahoma playing on a 35 record. It's great. The girls are dancing.

We bought a turntable at a yard sale while in Park City. It's a Pioneer and about 2oish years old. Gove hooked it to my slightly newer Pioneer receiver and then that is plugged into a Karaoke speaker system. Well, it works.

Did you watch the television version of Shawshank Redemption? I love when Andy plays the Mozart piece. I just found it at Youtube. And didn't know it was Mozart until now. I hope to find this and many other beautiful pieces on record and play them with the windows open and let the glory and beauty flow out into nature.


Kacy said...

I have my mom's old record player and all my old story records with books. I love it. I wish I still had my "disco kid" record player.

Christina Bartholomew said...

How cool to find out about the bug at the Bean Museum. I had no idea that centipedes were poisonous!