Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Little Work, A Little Play...

It was the general consensus to participate in the annual "Kids Parade" held yesterday morning. Before we could leave, I needed to gather veggies from the garden to send with my sister for the local Farmers Market. We had 6 dozen eggs to sell as well.
Somewhere in all this gathering, (the kids were getting Mardi Gras beads to pass out at the parade), we came to realize that we each wanted to go to the market instead.

And what a good choice! Not only was the market in full swing, The Boys and Girls Club was sponsoring an "Athlete Hero Day". The kids could see all kinds of athletic type games going on and free food too.
After selling for a time, I took the kids to register for this free event. They ate lunch thanks to Panda Express and started to participate in the games. I was happily surprised to see each of my children could actually hit a ball. We are not much of a sports family. To name three current athletes might show how little we are involved. Anyway, as you played the games, you received a ticket. At points in the day, a ticket would be called out and a child would receive a prize.
As I was holding all the tickets, we won a prize. It's a really cool backpack. It's in my room right now and I'm down stairs so I'm not runny up to get it. But is has zippers and pockets all over the place and great padding. So I think the Mom is going to use it first for our next hike. There is even a spot for one of those water bags you drink from without using your hands.

The kids had fun. And we sold all but one bag of veggies. In all we earned just over $30. The kids are saving funds for a hoped trip to Williamsburg next Spring.

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