Saturday, June 21, 2008

How Much Will This Cost Me???

Seven days ago I awoke with a stomachache. By Monday I was having spasms that lasted about 5 seconds. You think a spasm doesn't hurt much? Oh, think again.
I went to the Insta-care Tuesday night, as we were going camping at Lake Tahoe the next night. I and the Maureen, the nurse practitioner, thought the pain was related to my gallbladder.
Not so! Wednesday afternoon I went to the E.R. with the hope of getting a positive answer. I thought if it's just pain, I would 'suck it up' and go with the family. Hours later, the CT showed inflammation around my appendices! trip for the mom.
Thursday morning, still having these 5-6 seconds cramps that really hurt and my abdomen was very sore and I felt I was having rebound tenderness when my abdomen was palpated. I was getting very concerned. As I did not want surgery. I returned to the hospital for a HIDA Scan to rule out my gallbladder. It was normal. Then another CT scan with more contrast, and even a sonogram.

The verdict was not an appendicitis, but rather colitis of my ascending colon. Ouch! It really hurts! The last thing any person wants is intestinal disease.

Yet a new day dawned this morning. No spasms, just a sore lower back.

I am making kefir, which is full of probiotics. I'm sticking to a liquid diet for the most part. I'm using essential oil especially designed for the digestive tract. Positive thinking and prayer. Last but not lest, I'm going to try colon cleansings. The last thing I want is Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's disease.


Hammy said...

Yikes. Please keep us posted. Our bishop here is a good friend and also has colitis. Sounds like it is no fun at all. Hope your rememdies work quickly.

Donna said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon.

Donna said...
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mindy said...

oh no! I'm hoping you are doing better now. That sounds truly miserable!