Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well, What Have You Been Doing?...

I'm in such demand by the people of our community, it seems I never have more then a moment to myself!
If only the little people could do more for themselves.
But it's not to be as of yet. And after all I am called MOM. It's true that my community consist of four other members on a daily basis. Yet the demands are many. Honesty I like it all. The good, the bad, and even the ugly for the most part. I'm blessed to get through it all. That truly is a blessing.

O.K. enough of the exciting news lets get to the real fun stuff.

1. Earlier this year we paid $50 for a two night stay in Park City at Westgate Resort. You have to listen to a sells pitch for a time share. We have never used a timeshare so we thought it would be a nice short vacation with a pool for the kids. The resort was fine. The pool was fun you could swim inside to the outside. Overall, I could not sleep on the bed and you find yourself with hidden cost all over the place. Crafts are $4 each, internet is $12/day, the spa is on average $80 for thirty minutes. Plus the yearly maintenance fee on top of the sell price for a piece of paper that says you own a "piece of a unit".
To make this story short: We rather buy our cabin property and live in a tent.
Time share? No thank you.

2. I bought a camera! I have yet to read the instructions. I know! My time is hardly mine these days what with Walden taking up so much of our evenings. It's a Panasonic TZ4. That's all I know. Oh and it has a re-chargeable battery which I didn't know when I bought it. Bonnie, the sales rep at Costco actually talked me out of purchasing a Nikon that was dare I say almost $200 more. Well actually the Nikon was so much more because the Panasonic came with a $70 rebate! Great says I. I'll take it.

Wait until you see our garden!

3. This guy, Henry David Thoreau, does he just love to hear himself talk or write in this case since it's the 1850's?
He certainly goes into a great deal of description. However I enjoyed his chapter on Economy and had a few laughs while at the resort. I forgot the food in the fridge. I hope someone looked inside and at lest ate the four pounds of sliced turkey we bought.

4. Congratulations to us! This morning our irrigation system came on for the first time. It works! Next step is the hydro-seeding. If the weather improves and really decides to become spring or better yet summer, we just might have some wild flowers by September.
This picture is misleading. We actually don't have grass yet. But we do have weeds. Hey, they are green.


Christina Bartholomew said...

I'm so glad your sprinklers finally work!

And congrats on walking away from a timeshare presentation -- they can be high-pressure situations!

Nickie said...

Thank you, We are glad too.