Sunday, June 29, 2008


We took the Food Handler's test last week. I need to type up a few more recipes. I've decided to sell my homemade Flax Seed crackers and Hummus, along with Gove's standard whole wheat bread and his new dutch oven bread. We will send in the application tomorrow. Perhaps by the mid July we will be selling our prepared foods at the market and around the neighborhood.

I'm waiting for my transcripts to arrive to Brigham Young University. I will start taking a class every other semester beginning in January. This Fall, I will start with a government class through George Wythe College. I now need to read The 5,00 Year Leap by Cleon Skousen, Federalist Papers, Roots of American Order, and The Virginian (already read), plus the optional reading of The Real George Washington and The Real Thomas Jefferson, which I read a few years ago.
In preparation for all of this, I am going through Cleon Skousen's The Miracle of America, and The Making of America courses on DVD. I will work this week to write an essay for GWC admissions.

Our steep hill sides were covered with a nylon mesh this past week. There is a layer of straw between the mesh. We had 80% Rockie Mountain Wild Flower mixture and 20% mountain grass with a strong root system laid out prior to the mesh going down.
We are hopeful that once the seeds germinate and grow we will have nature (the good part that is) controlling the erosion.

Eli cut our little lawn for the first time last night. There are a couple dried out spots but not much to complain of when you get it for free.

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mindy said...

hey nickie, can you ask Gove to send me the link to the dutch oven bread recipe again. We found one online, but wanted to try our hand at the one he had that was SO DELICIOUS! thank you!