Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Goes Around...

Friday morning I and the kids were out doing nice things for other people. It was after all Friday the 13th. What better day is there for giving of your time?

Remember the saying, 'what goes around comes around'? It happened to us this weekend.

After working all day Saturday, I and Gove were driving home from the store, we saw a couple of guys laying sod. We asked for their card and it turned out to be the owner. He just finished and had two pallets left.He gave them to us! Wow! What a blessing. We had spent the entire day cleaning up out little piece of flat land in preparation for sodding next month and paying someone else to do it. But just that morning I said, "we should consider doing this ourselves and save some money". With the help of my sister and neighbor, we laid sod from about 7ish to 9;30pm and saved a lot of money.

And now our dirt is green.

Sometimes the good you do does come back to you. Not every time nor should it. You would then be compelled instead of giving freely of your time, talents, and energies.

Many thanks have been felt this weekend.

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Dennis & Lexi said...

Hi honey, I love your! I cought up with a lot of news and photos. You are quite a wonderful woman.

All is well here. We will be holding a storage shed sale this coming weekend....20th and 21st. I will check in with your blog next Monday. I love you honey....give love and hugs to the kids. We sure miss all of you. Mom