Thursday, June 5, 2008

With fourteen people in attendance this evening, our colloquium discussion was insightful, funny, and an hour well spent.
We discussed the book Walden, written by Henry David Thoreau. This novel was published about 1854. He lived near Walden pond outside of Concord, Mass., on property owned by his friend R.W. Emerson.
I think there are some worth while points for simplification to our lives, and the author decides to test his abilities to a point by spending time over a two year period living a self-centered, semi-secluded life on Walden pond. He doesn't actually live full time in this little house he made for about $14.
As it was suggested this evening, Thoreau was a philosopher, and as such he was experimenting with himself, seeing how far he could push himself in his approach to this lifestyle.
I sometimes pretend our rooms are holding the barest of items. Imagine the ease at vacuuming and dusting. These two items alone would free space in my mind and my planner.

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