Tuesday, July 8, 2008

busy, Busy, BUSY...

Busy. That's our name. I'd like to wear busy out and go back to relaxed and enjoyable.
But that ain't happening until later this year.
Winter is our families calm season. I love to read to the children in the living room with the fire going. (I'd like a wood burning fire, but you take what's in the house)
There are less demands for our time when it's cold and snowing.

Our family dynamics are like the cycles of the seasons. Fall leads to more out door, fresh air activities, getting ready to semi hibernate when winter comes along. No gardening, and for the most part yard work. Spring brings life back to the family and out we go to view birth of the earth. Then Summer comes along and it's o.k. to start with, however it gets hot real fast and I realize I don't really want to be outside. Yet there is always an endless supply of home improvement work.

So what's really bothering me?
Lots of reading for our bi-monthly colloquium, stake picnic to organize and perform with 3 weeks notice!, more reading in preparation for a government class I'll start in September, Colonoscopy next week.
Now, that being said, we have gone camping, cleaned our two car garage and can get two vehicles in if we had two small ones to put in. The sprinklers are now working at mother's home. There seems to be some growth under the environmental blankets we had applied to our hill sides. I hope it's the wild flower seeds and not just weeds.
Oh brother! Here I am complaining. No! things are good. We are active and using our leisure time for education. Our kids are healthy. We should be selling bread soon with the kids.
The point is Nickie, your life is fine. Your just tired right now. No, I'm not going to sleep, I'm going to type my essay for the admissions process for George Wythe College.
Then glorious sleep.

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