Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Hot...I'm Tired...But Hey...It's A Dry Heat...Yea Right...

Well, I guess it's now too hot to really cool things down in the home with the swamp cooler. It is working, yet the air is seeming humid indoors. Does this mean more windows need to be open? I decided to use the air conditioning on the main floor this afternoon.
I do try to remind myself that it's not New Orleans. Yet I'm tired and drained.

Boy, you should see our squash! I do believe I have cross pollination going on with the zucchini and summer squash. There is a huge zucchini looking yellow squash out there in the garden. I'm letting it grow to see how large it gets. It might just be the mother load. maybe we'll get the grand prize at the State Fair.

Our kids are participating in a theatrical kids camp this week. It's 3 hours each morning, and they are tuckered out when I pick them up. Fortunately, it's a fun and exciting tired.
Today they tell me and showed me how to slap, pull hair, and sword fight without hurting each other. Pretty neat.
On Saturday evening the kids are participating in a 30 minute musical selection from the play Seussical.

I did say they are tired when they come home. I've noticed an increase in the grouchies. At this very moment, each one is taking a 1.5 hour quiet time. I have not had then take quite time in two years. How nice.

The other nice encounter for me is being able to read for 3 hours each morning this week. Well, I went clothes shopping for the girls Monday morning. Yesterday I was able to read Mem Fox's book called Reading Magic. She encourages reading to the children with a great deal of emotion. Which I do but it's good to be reminded. I did not care for her idea that children can receive education only at school and not from parents. The idea that education has to occur away from the home and parents is just crazy to me.

We just finished Great Expectations. I and Gove are now taking a serious turn with John Taylor Gatto's, The Underground History of American Education.


Hammy said...

Wish we could see the big performance. Hope it goes well.

Hammy said...

And the big vegetable.