Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let Learning In...

Here I am in the kitchen,reviewing my thoughts and planning my learning schedule up to September. This afternoon I will post the remaining 19 points in The 5000 Year Leap. If you find anything I have said interesting or just plain weird, GO GET THE BOOK AND LEARN FOR YOUR SELF.

10th Principle:
The God-given Right to Govern is Vested in the Sovereign Authority of the Whole People.

No king would like to hear this statement! As a matter of fact, King Charles II did not like it at all when Algernon Sidney said that very thing! Algernon was beheaded for insisting that the right to rule is actually in the people and therefore no person can rightfully rule the people without their consent.

If we Americans understood that "rulers are servants of the people and all sovereign authority to appoint or remove a ruler rests with the people." Maybe if we all knew this and felt confident is our power as citizens our local, state, and federal leaders would care more and do more, because we would pull them out of office.

Key point? The Consent Of The People.

11th Principle:
The Majority of the people may Alter or Abolish a Government Which has Become Tyrannical.

Many of the 28 principles have seemed similar to teachings and examples found in the Book of Mormon. We all came to to this land (ancestors) as minorities. Yet majorities grew as people flourished. My question is this. The colonist did not make up the majority of the British kingdom when they decided to separate. I imagine there must have been a majority of Patriots verses Tories in the colonies however. Just a thought.

12th Principle:
The United States of America Shall be a Republic

A democracy requires the full participation of all the people in the decision-making process of government. This doesn't work well because everyone is trying to survive. A republic governs through elected representatives and can be expanded indefinitely.

TODAY me, and every other average American uses or has used and no longer will use, the term "democracy" to describe America's traditional Constitutional republic.

Read this chapter! There is always someone stirring the pot, leading people astray.

13th Principle
A Constitution Should be Structured to Permanently Protect the People from the Human Frailties of their Rulers.

"How can you have an efficient government but still protect the freedom and unalienable rights of the people? This was the fear of our Founders for good reason. They feared the greatest danger arises when a leader is so completely trusted that the people no longer watch him or her and feel no anxiety.

I have been a non questioning person when it comes to this subject. I use to ask questions as to why we were doing a given job when I was in the army. No leader likes to have a little person question them. I think then that leader is hiding something and not really there for the people.

"free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence"

I see my weaknesses too. I wonder if i am strong enough to turn from the temptation associated with political/government leadership. Madison said people have a tendency towards ego-mania and self-aggrandizement.

Key; human nature.

14th Principle:
Life and Liberty are Secure Only so Long as the Right to Property is Secure.

I have never read John Locke so I have enjoyed the quotes attributed to him throughout this work of art.
Here's an interesting idea. If property rights did not exist, four things would occur to frustrate the Creators command to multiply and replenish the earth.

1. Incentive would be destroyed.
2.Why try if you can't claim it as property. Deprived of the fruits of your labor.
3. Gangs
4.Man would live at a level of hand to mouth survival as any accumulation would invite attack.

I don't know how much right I have to my property these days. But I'm glad not to experience the upon 4 points. Wait a minute, what about all the money we pay in taxes? Is not that taking of our property without consent? Boy I just don't know yet. So much to learn.

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