Friday, August 1, 2008

Not Much Longer...Hang In There...

Did you like the School House Rock youtubes? It helps to hear and see as well as read.

19th Principle:
Only Limited and Carefully defined Powers should be Delegated to Government, All Others Being Retained in the People.

That's the 10th Amendment talking here. This was why many of the states did not want to accept the original draft of the Constitution. There was a compromise and we have the Bill of Rights now.

It sure seems like the federal government has over stepped their power. Well, I know they have, I just can't tell you exactly where. It's probably all around me. Remember, the key was Limited Government.

Here's where we come to the 17th Amendment! I just think of Orrin Hatch and his career as a Senator! The states had more protecting when they picked who would represent a given state. If that Senator failed he or she was removed. I guess it was just he's back then. In 1913 this protection was eliminated with the passing of this amendment. This is the point when I felt so strongly that I can make a change some how.

20th Principle:
Efficiency and Dispatch Require Government to Operate According to the Will of the Majority, But Constitutional Provisions Must be Made to Protect the Rights of the Minority.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free..."
(Inscription on the Statue of Liberty)

How did minorites become part of the majority? Learn the language, hard work, seek education, hard work, become self-sustaining. Did I mention hard work?

21st Principle:
Strong Local Self-government is the Keystone to Preserving Human Freedom.

Now that so much power lies in the hands of a central government. The people loose the spirit of "voluntarism" and the motivation to solve their own problems. And most importantly, they cease to be involved in community affairs. That's me, I'm sorry to say. The government's going to take care of us you know. A strong local government is key to freedom. I would love to see my state of Utah say no to federal funding and begin to activate the wisdom and knowledge of it's own citizens to solve issues without the feds taking care of us. I laugh at myself. I'm funny. i don't even know if I believe I can help. It sure seems deep.

Thoams Jefferson said that if future generations (that's us) would perpetuate the Constitutional patter, then the federal government would remain small, cohesive and an inexpensive operation. Imagine that; inexpenssive.

22nd Principle:
A Free People Should be Governed by Law and Not by the Whims of Men.

To be governed by the whims of men is to be subject to ever changing powers. It is the worst form of ruler's law. I have not read Plato yet. Is that no surprise here. But I guess he wanted the people to be lead "by the few" ruling by "scientific principles". The problem is even the best men are liable to be corrupted by passion, I'm sad to say.

23rd Principle:
A Free Society Cannot Survive as a Republic Without a Broad Program of General Education.

The idea here was to give everyone the opportunity to learn to read, write, and use math. And then for that individual to progress with self-education, self-study, so they could be well-informed citizens.

Many of our Founder's had limited educations. Here are three amazing stories of limited education and how these men became great. Farragut, Wahington, and Franklin .

These early generation still believed, as I do, in "manifest destiny". I know there are many people who believe thusly. There are many others who are going to believe as they begin their own ledership educations.

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