Friday, July 4, 2008

Our garden is flourishing!

The concept of square foot gardening has been a good learning experience for me. I'd like to say the kids too, however it's really Beth who is taking great interest.
Which is fine.
I believe once everyone has something they can eat that each specifically wanted, interest will improve.
Beth ate her first strawberry this morning after weeding. She said it was "tasty".

I see now that the squash needs to be planted in the end box and with training I think I can get the vines to climb up the hill. The problem this year is that we were not home for 4 days when they all grew a great deal. next year I am going to try growing corn along the back of each garden box. I also just found a supplement on how to square foot garden in the winter. Would you believe it includes a garden electric blanket. This I really want to try for the hope of freah lettuce and herbs. Basil in January. I can smell it already.

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mindy said...

Your garden looks great! I was admiring it last week. Sadly, we didn't get fertilizer this year so nothing except the lettuce grew very well and we had to abandon it.