Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pictures Are Worth Seeing...

Just recently, my old friend Margaret found me again!
We lost contact somewhere between Minnesota and New Orleans.
Then something amazing happened about 2 years ago.
Margaret was looking through the Church News and saw a picture of LDS church members 8ish months after Hurricane Katrina.
Surprise, surprise, there was Nickie and her family!
She tried to locate us but failed.
Recently, a friend from when we were nannies in Scarsdale, New York, inquired about me. Margaret was determined to find out our whereabouts since that picture told her I was alive somewhere in the world.
Thanks to the internet and BYU, Margaret has found me.
How great to hear from my friend of many years ago. Margaret is now a mother of two young children and happily married. It was a pleasure to listen to her talk of her family and love for her spouse.
Two old friends are brought together and all because of a picture.

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