Friday, July 11, 2008

Why I'm Seeking Leadership Education...


My purpose in attending George Wythe College is quite simple; my children aren't getting any younger.

I have been feeling the need for spiritual and personal character improvement over the past four years. My path of improvement has been slow, scattered with potholes at times, yet I have trusted in God. He has been my support and guide.

Just last year, I felt I should attend the newly revamped seminar in the Face to Face series. I prepared for this event by reading Les Miserables. The largest novel I've yet read. I was so excited to participate. I left with two vital ideas to implement.

First, was the Family Executive Council, Weekly Interviews, and Six Month Inventory/No's. Each of these concepts have helped to redirect our family goals, educational desires, and strengthened our parent/child relationships.

Secondly, I and my husband realized that we need to participate in leadership development for our selves and within our community of Provo. The opportunity quickly came. We started a weekly colloquium series. Our group is called the Provo Area Leadership Mentoring Society, established October 2007.

During these ensuing months, I've often looked at my children, questioning the examples I'm leaving them. Before I know it, they will be transitioning to scholars. I don't want to be left behind.

I attended a Statesman Retreat during the same summer. I received a number of personal epiphanies about our children's value and missions. I realized more about my own weaknesses and my tendency to not follow through to the end. I was intrigued with the 4th Turning model. We have since discussed this book in a colloquium.

I often think about my family and our future generations. How will my actions influence my children to improve upon the concepts we are seeking to teach and exemplify? Will the values of classics, georgic, providence, freedom, liber, and public virtue be flourishing in two or three generations? What can I do to help? I know the answer is to create and develop the qualities of statesmanship within myself.

Attending George Wythe is another branch of my life long learning. I hope to develop friendships, meet future mentors, and receive positive influence in my quest as mother, wife, leader, friend and stateswomen.


A City Mother

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