Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Book Thoughts...

Having just finished the fourth chapter in The Roots of American Order, I want to place some thoughts from this section. I have been easily detained in other areas of my life and have prolonged my reading time.

Delay put aside, I think I'm beginning to feel something or rather just beginning to see a small idea of the picture Russell Kirk is trying to prepare for me, the reader. I have been taken from the laws confirmed by God via Moses, through the order of the House of Israel. Into the Greek history of their weaker political city-states yet strong cultural society. From great men like Solon who was first a poet turned statesmen, revered as one of the Seven Sages said that the commonwealth of Athens would only endure through righteous order.

About the time when the Jews are returning to Jerusalem from Babylon (I think lead by Ezra which I read in the Bible Dictionary this morning), the Roman society is taking shape. Key to each of these three societies is natural law, virtue, and personal order which will affect the commonwealth order. The good , the bad, and the ugly is part of Roman society. Good like Cicero and Virgil and leader Marcus Aurelius. Bad like his sonCommodus who was strangled by the instigation of the Emperor's intimate "friends". To the ugliness of too many emperors to name.

It's amazing how long this empire lasted. America is just beginning yet suffering from the same problems as the Roman citizens and government. Lack of integrity, honesty, charity, increased selfishness and overall disconnection of oneself from God.

There are three words that interest me. Labor, Pietas, Fatum. Key words of Virgil.

I think that both my society and the Roman society started with the dignity of labor in particular of agriculture occupations even if it was just that which a family did to maintain their lives and provide a little extra income. Productive work helps a person to feel happy and valuable. And prevents BOREDOM. I think boredom lends a person time to go astray in life.

What acts today are called "anti-American" as compared to one hundred years ago? Pietas is a love for one's country that you would willingly give your life for family, property, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that others may maintain these privileges.

The 28th principle of our Founding Father's in Skousen's The 5,000 Year Leap is that "The United States has a manifest destiny to be an example and a blessing to the entire human race." Rome felt the same. They had a mission to fulfill. but over time and with the moral decay of man and emperor Rome lost sight and no longer believed. Just into the 5th century the Eternal City is conquered. Fatum was lost. I wonder if this is happening in my time in my own country. Who within the world of politics and government schooling believes that America was created because of manifest destiny? How many Americans believe they have a purpose or a mission on earth to serve?

The Roman Empire influenced law and order throughout Europe. Our ancestors came from the places once under Roman rule. It is only natural that America would have this affect to some extend in the creation of it's Constitution and organization of the government. How much I don't know. Maybe I'll learn it by the time my class is over.

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