Friday, August 1, 2008

China At 3:55 AM...

Actually, I got up at 2:55 AM to wake the husband in order for him to start the live feed from China for the solar eclipse.

We were an hour early. Went back to sleep, if you can call that sleep. Awoke the children at 4:00am just as the eclipse began. They were excited at 4:00AM! How fun to be so young. I love it when I feel young of body and heart.

So, here we are watching, it's almost a total eclipse when the clouds come in! We wait 15 minutes and I get up to turn off the computer when as I touch the screen there is a flash of light and the clouds pass.

Yea!!! We watched as the energy from the sun burst out around the moon. The kids thought it was great. Boy, I'm glad we did this for them.

Next solar eclipse in Utah is 2012.


mindy said...

Great! In 2012 my kids will be old enough to really enjoy it with us! :o) I'm glad you guys got to experience it via the web. Very cool!

Nickie said...

We can go see it together!