Monday, August 4, 2008

Cleaning Spaces...

I've just started reading The Roots of American Order by Russell Kirk. This is an assigned book for this fall's class. I have never read my books in advance before. I have not cared in the past as I do now. I am looking forward to the group discussions. I hope to be able to meet all the challenges forth coming such as improving my speed of reading, my writing skills, my oral presentations skills and maybe I will discover new talents to develop.

At this point in my reading of the above book, I am learning that the order of America actually starts long ago with the influence of Jerusalem, Rome, Athens, and London. So far, the author is taking me back to the historical influence of Moses and the Israelites. I am reminded of the first principle of 5,000 Year Leap. Natural Law.

I love order in my life. I have spent years not doing great things like reading because I was always trying to create order. That was a waste of my time. I did not use order to my advantage. Nor did I let go of controlling more then was necessary at that time. I'm glad to be improving.

One key to order is less stuff. Why just this afternoon I and the kids cleaned the basement. Cleaned is an understatement. It took 4 hours. I shoveled and they prepared to sell many toys this weekend in a yard sale Beth has been dieing to have. The result is a lot less junkie toys. And a clean basement.

The other result is peace. Dinner is in the pressure cooker. And here I am calm and relaxed after establishing order.

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