Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Did I Really Do This?...

O.K., I admit I was scared about the Stake picnic two weeks ago. I have never planned an event for 500+ people. I learned that it wasn't the main dish that counted. It's all the side dishes that are brought by the picnickers that determines a full stomach or not.

And so I felt inclined to host another picnic. This is for the homeschool community of Utah county. We have reserved South Fork park. We're providing the hot dogs and drinks, sport equipment and six glorious acres of canyon beauty, with a stream and wild life. It sounds wonderful to me. And already I have families accepting the invitation.

I have been happy all day. I laugh at myself to be willing and confident to take this one. How interesting that this church calling is giving/blessing me with the ability to give to our community now. Wow! This is me doing this...our potential is so much more then we or then I have ever realized.

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Christina said...

Sounds ambitious! Good luck!