Friday, August 8, 2008

Hear ye, hear ye...

The following message written by another person, expresses how I feel since leadership education has taken hold in my heart and mind. It's partly due to the man below...

Dear Friends,

As you know, leadership education is not new, but with the onset of the industrial revolution in America and, subsequently, the public school being removed from local governance, most of the principles of this educational philosophy were lost to modern education.
However, leadership education is making a comeback, and the man most responsible for this resurgence is
Dr. Oliver DeMille, author of A THOMAS JEFFERSON EDUCATION and president of George Wythe College.
Please recognize we are among the beneficiaries of his life’s work as Dr. DeMille has worked tirelessly and sacrificed much on our behalf—including time with his family and even his health.
By now you probably have heard that he is very ill and has cancelled his speaking engagements for an indefinite period. Rachel, his wife, wrote in her statement that he was taking a six-month leave, but sources at the college have suggested it will be longer.
Actually, Oliver has been ill for some time, but has continued to travel extensively on behalf of the college and in a show of support for all of us who are trying to implement leadership education in our homes.
For example, he came to Rancho Cucamonga three times this year—in January, again in April, and lastly this past weekend—for which he received no remuneration. (This is a man who commands thousands of dollars in speaker’s fees from Fortune 500 companies.)
Dr. DeMille’s temporary absence is a rich opportunity for personal growth for each of us who has already discovered TJEd. Here is a perfect opportunity to increase individually in statesmanship and leadership, and there is much each of us can do to encourage others to strive toward becoming liber.
Now is the time to step up if you have been feeling that you should do something—heal or strengthen the family culture in your own home, start reading, start keeping a journal, establish a colloquia group, teach a class of young scholars, take a class yourself, fall in love with learning, become politically active, etc.
I am confident that Oliver will recover, but I also recognize the seriousness of his condition as my own mother died less than two years ago of adrenal failure—although she was old and had completed her mission. Therefore, acknowledging that one of the pillars of TJEd is God, I add my voice to those of other friends of the DeMille family who are petitioning that God’s grace will attend him.
It is my understanding that most, if not all, of the major religions of the world have as one of their tenets the principle of fasting, which is the voluntary abstinence from food for the purpose of developing or renewing spiritual strength.
For those of you for whom this is a part of your faith, I echo the invitation made by friends of the DeMille famly and invite you to participate in a day of fasting and prayer on behalf of our mentor, Dr. Oliver DeMille, on Sunday, August 10.

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