Sunday, August 24, 2008

Motivation For Your Self Learning...

I just came across a group of LDS women who are self-directed learners.

It's called True Light Academy.

I actually participated for the first 8 months of 2005.
I let it fall to the way side and forgot until last week when I was at Donna's blog site. (Katrina excuse)

If you would like to develop a personal learning program that is broken down over 12 months and truly doable for many moms. If I was not preparing for this GWU class I would start again. Last time I wasn't ready. It's wonderful to feel ready even if I have a long way to go. A Mother's Educational Course for Latter-day Saints

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Cherie said...

Just wanted you to know I really appreciated this post. Since reading it I looked over the curriculum and joined their yahoo group (my first one!) I'm excited to have something else to keep me focused. Thanks for thinking to post it.
On another note, I'm hoping that you'll look over my current thoughts on Ender's Game that I have posted on my blogspot page. Maybe you or Gove can help me out.