Sunday, August 24, 2008

Part B...In The Next Place...

I picked up the September Ensign and read, "The Power of Diligent Learning" this afternoon. I decided to read this as part of my needed spiritual learning that I mentioned in Part A blog.

I'm going to teach myself or seek a mentor in learning Latin, Hebrew and later Greek. Now this is going to most likely take the rest of my earthly life but isn't it wonderful to know that learning doesn't end here.

Did you know there are 144 references to learning in the central cannon of my faith? Here are a few that I really like.

"Yet learned (s)he obedience by the things which (s)he suffered." (Hebrew5:8)
"Seek learning, even by study and also by faith." (D&C88:118)
"Study and learn, and become acquainted with all good books, and with languages, tongues, and people. (D&C90:15)

I now want/desire to learn things. Even if it's reading the intro to the 1828 dictionary which starts off talking about the Sequoia trees of Californian. Did you know some have now lived 4,000-5,00 years. Or that it takes many thousands of seeds to equal one once. We took the children to one of these forest 5 or 6 years ago. The next time I will return with greater appreciation for these majestic living organisms.

This morning while thinking about my lack of putting my own words to what I had read over the past week, I was blessed to remember the need to pray and ask for a spiritual gift that specifically will help in this area. The article says this same thing.

Key to learning: Organize your thoughts. I don't do this. If I'm going to make this learning my very own I need to write it down and expand upon it for me. Then I need to find someone who will listen and let me share what I learned.

Key Point: "...until you can articulate what you've learned, you haven't really learned it."

BINGO, this is my big time stumbling block.

"Above all, stay with it", says the author. "Don't give up. Be persistent in learning. Make the most of the many opportunities you have to learn."

He, the author then relates the story about a women who sat on a brick peeling potatoes for 15 years and lamented she could not learn. A nice man encourages her and her life changes during this self study. It turns out the man was Louis Agassiz. Who I've read a little about in Brave Companions by David McCollough. Now I know more, not the rest of the story but enough to appreciate this womens struggle for self education.

I, Nickie Allen, want to become a better learner and in turn a better teacher. I too want to follwo the exmple of the greatest teacher who was first the greatest learner. Jesus...

This Ensign article had a foot note for the July 1971 Ensign. I went to this article and found where Marion D. Hanks said,
" I found printed what I had already learned from experience. The five words were called steps to learning: (1) Read. (2) Listen. (3) Mark. (To me mark means also copy, clip, assemble. Do it now; tomorrow you will forget where you read it, and it will be gone. The kids will tear the paper up or put poster paint on it. The book you think you will remember to put the marker in will disappear, or you will forget it. Mark means get it in an accessible form while you are thinking about it, at the cost of some things that are less important.) (4) Organize. (Think and put things together. Get them cohesive, coherent. You will change them later, but organize them now.) (5) Digest. (As I understand it, that means getting the strength in your bloodstream, casting out the dross, and moving with energy.)

Here is work and guidence for me...mark, organize, digest/share...

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