Monday, August 11, 2008


You and your children are invited to the First Annual Utah County Homeschoolers Picnic.

That's right. We, ( I and my children) are inviting everyone who homeschools, and lives in Utah county to come and play with other children, meet other parents, and have a good time.

When: Friday, September 5th 2008
Time: 10:00am-2:30pm
Place: South Fork Park (Provo Canyon, turn right at Vivian Park, follow the road up through this small canyon for about 2 miles)
Plan: We will provide a covered pavilion, lemonade and water to drink.
Toys: We will provide a large parachute with balls, and a volleyball net if there is interest.
Nature: She will provide lovely mountains, potential wildlife, a stream (which is fun to splash in for all kids and adults), 6 acres of lawn, bathrooms, running water, BBQ grill, paths for hiking, and lots of shade.
Food: We'll provide the hot dogs and buns, you bring a large side dish to share with everyone.
RSVP: I would like an idea of how many to plan for. Please RSVP to me

I don't know more then a handful of fellow homeschoolers here in the valley. Yet, a strong impression has come to me that I should do this for my community. I have reserved the smaller of the two pavilions for this day. I hope you will join us.


Hammy said...

What a great idea. I hope you get a good response.

Nickie said...

Hi Carrie,

I think this is going to be great too. So far I have about 80 people confirmed. I feel this will be a way to connect people within our community of homeschooling.