Monday, August 18, 2008

Quiet Please...

Shhh, I'm at the library. Don't tell anyone. Gove is home with his sisters visiting and I am developing my skills for learning.
I have longed for a day or two each week for library study time, which seems nice, yet already I miss hearing my family around me. I'm sure I can adjust though truth be known I don't imagine I'll have many opportunities like this.

I have wanted to return to Figures of Speech by Arthur Quinn. I have just started when I became side tracked. I am reminded by my friend Jenny that I would actually be further ahead if I dedicated 30 minutes x days per week then trying to wait for an open slot to add it to now and then. So far, I learned that a asyndeton (omission of expected conjunction like "and") was popular with Shakespeare. Whereas the polysyndeton (many conjunction) is used quite a bit in the Bible, maybe to prolong expectations I imagine. Hendiadys are polysyndetons that use "and" to separate one meaning into two or three meanings. Such as, "For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for eve. Amen"

How interesting. I did not even know these words for speech existed. Sometimes I wonder what I learned in high school. When I hear of the books and grammar that my husband learned, I wonder where I was. Is it possible that rural farm communities just wanted to teach the basics so farms kids could get back to work? I don't think that is likely, I just wonder if it's feasible.

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Christina said...

Every few months I escape by myself to the library, usually when I can't handle the noise any longer. I'm glad you had some quiet time to study.