Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Little Culture Mingled With Nature...

Yesterday morning, I almost dragged the kids to the BYU Forum. Boy, they are glad for it now. After all was said and done, they thanked me for "making" them come (it wasn't that bad actually).

We went to the Forum to have a little cultural encounter with Ronan Tynan, one of the original Irish Tenors. I wanted to hear for myself and for the kids the story of one persons desire to not give up when life is hard. Ronan had bilateral below the knee amputations when he was twenty. He was in medical school at the age of 33 when he decided to take singing lessons.
He was raised by parents who always told him "you are great". Ronan came to believe it even as a child when his abnormally short leg limbs did not work like other kids around him in Ireland.

The Irish Tenor's message was quite simple,
"Focus on what you have, not on what you want."

Today we took a field trip with another homeschool family. We traveled the Mt. Nebo loop. Oh the autumn colors were fresh with recent change. Bright pinks, reds, oranges numerous greens against the majestic pine trees. Lovely.

We learned that Nebo means Sentinel of God. I guess the mountains stands as such. But you wouldn't know it looking from the base were the land is dried and brown. Drive up the back side and a whole new world awaits you. There's even a bit of southern Utah at a place called Devil's Kitchen.


Hammy said...

So beautiful! I wish I were there.

Nickie said...

Come before it fades!!!

Christina said...

Wow, these pictures are so beautiful!

What a neat story about the Irish tenor. I'd never heard of him; I'll have to see if I can find a copy of his message.

Nickie said...


The water fall is at the end of a path. I think it's called the Grotto.