Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer's Gone???

I think so.
It snowed on the top of Mt. Timpanogos yesterday.
I found a coating of ice on the deck this morning.
Sadly, none of my tomatoes are red yet. The peaches have not ripened either.
I saw October coming, across Septembers land... lets not get to October yet!

Our first county wide homeschool picnic is this Friday. I have about 130 people planning to attend. Lets hope for nice weather. I know it will be lovely up the canyon at any rate.

All our company left yesterday afternoon. Today we super cleaned the living room, library, and kitchen. Lots of laundry. The dust of summer had really piled up I'm embarrassed to admit. It should be good for another 6 months maybe longer.
Last Week In Review:
Eli graduated from Webelos, into the Scouting program. His parents even managed to help him earn his Arrow of Light.

I with my daughters in tow, drove a 17 foot U-haul to Monticello on Friday the 29th. We helped my friend Jenny move there. She has a lovely apartment. Six men from church showed up to help unload the truck and in two hours everything was in the house. Gove drove down later in the evening. He was pleased to not have to move boxes up to the second floor. Jenny said this is her first home with so much storage built in. I think she is going to thrive and develop her mission while living and attending GWU there.

Since we were already in the neighborhood, we attended the Saturday morning groundbreaking for George Wythe University. I'm not sure what the elevation is for Monticello but it's windy and dryer there then here in Provo. I expected a greater turn out but I guess with the higher cost of traveling it wasn't to be.

Here it is September! Wow the years keep getting faster for me. In eight days I start attending my first college class again. I am interested to see how this event is going to progress. I have had a couple concerns since reading about the credentials of the founder of this university.

The days go by and life has been good to us. A blessing it is to awake to a new day.


Hammy said...

I love seeing what you guys are up to. You amaze me!

Nickie said...

You are equally amazing with all of your traveling adventures this summer.