Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome To Learning...gross!

Don't tell my kids, but the frog dissection which I preformed for them is gross. I did not act sickened. I simply smiled and said how neat and named the internal organs as we found them.
For instance, a frog has 3 liver lobes, the stomach had a partially digested insect. We think it's a cockroach or a beetle. This frog was a female. As such, every free space of the abdominal cavity was full of eggs. Did you know a frog has teeth? I didn't, but I've felt them and it sure does.
Unfortunately the kit did not say what type of frog volunteered for this procedure. Thank goodness for formaldehyde.

We ordered our science kits from Home Science Tools. Besides dissection, we have chemistry, incubator (with four quail eggs which will hopefully hatch this weekend), a bacteria growing kit, and equipment for further chemistry experiments.

Oh, and lets not forget the Owl Pellets. No it's not fecal waste, it's vomit! That's right, you receive a sterilized pullet of owl vomit. A pellet is the undigested hair and bones of the victims the owl has eaten. I did not know that owls can't digest these items and so they vomit about once a day.
The bones are tiny. At this point we have identified a few jaw and skull bones.

Off to the library for a chemistry book. Eli seems determined to create a significant explosion. He also wants to try putting a fire out with baking powder and vinegar.

This is love of learning. I'm here to guide and inspire. Yeap, even when I think it's gross I don't let them know.. After all this may be an area where they find their mission.


Hammy said...

You are a good mom. I'm not sure I could have handled it. . .

Nickie said...


These five more specimens to "cut up". I guess I'll be pretty near great after these.

Nickie said...


P.S. I love how happy you look with baby and that hat. Very southern I think.

Christina said...

You are a brave woman!