Sunday, October 26, 2008

By Faith, and Small Steps...

The first weekend of October is always General Conference for those of us who are LDS. This month was no exception. Coinciding with this conference is our families six month inventories.

Between sessions (covering two days), I finished reading Beautiful Girlhood. As I read this book, I felt ideas come into my mind for the development of a girls club that would cover short books with underlying themes related to a particular set of manners within the development of girlhood. Today, I'm not sure where to go with this. There is a part of me feeling like it needs to wait and develop more in my heart and mind and to allow my daughters to get a little older.

While attending to my inventory I felt the impression that I need to help Provo homeschoolers who believe in the leadership philosophy or TJED as it is commonly called. How I ask myself? Here are the three areas that have been on my mind.

1. I need to begin a book club for 9-12 year old boys and girls. It would be once a month, in our home. I have started a list of books for this age group. If you have suggestions, please add your thought at the end of this post. i can see having the kids share a paragraph about something that influenced them from the reading or anything else they are reading that month. I'd like to talk and develop ideas for manners for both the girls and boys.

2. This sounds crazy to me, but I keep thinking of the line from a Kevin Costner movie about a ball park, "If you build it, they will come." I keep second guessing myself with this one. But I think I should hold a monthly gathering when mom's can come and share what they have learned that month or what they want to learn. I think this could open up mentors for each other or direct women to potential mentors. I see the older children playing down stairs, and the young toddlers and babies with the women in the living room and we share anything on our minds and discuss leadership education avenues. I'm hesitant as to weather this would be helpful or discouraging for some moms, such as myself. I find myself so sensitive to not being good enough.

3. A core and love of learning themed weekly club that meets at the library. This idea was first planted in my mind by my friend Jenny who is exploding with ideas since moving and participating with the Monticello TJEDers. (One of the talks at conference was about the people around us who are angles at times. I think it was Jeffrey Holland.) I see this as an opportunity like the talk. And I invision that this group can be a big help to my youngest who needs practise with her articulation skills. I can see having the children stand and share what they learned from the assigned theme for the week or anything else they have learned that excites them.

These three ideas have been on my mind most of this month. Then I start to think or rather allow negative thoughts like,"I''m not cut out for this", "maybe it's just my imagination", "did God bless me with these promptings and if he did , how am I going to do this', etc.

Then a second angel came to me with the offer of help...


Cherie said...

What great ideas! I know sometimes things are tricky, but I'm certainly someone that has been blessed to know you and KNOWS you can do this. The homeschoolers picnic was a HUGE endeavor and a HUGE success. The weekly colloquium is AMAZING and I look forward to it every week, and now Kami does too. You can pull these things off... if you build it they will come! Maybe not all at once, but they will. I'm very sad to leave here, I think you have a lot to offer. Definitely don't run faster then you can walk, but do work up to your visions... and there's always help! I'd love to do what I can to help or get the word out. Don't be discouraged! You're a great example of how to act on the thoughts that come to us. Thanks for all you do.. the person you are, and the woman/mother you're striving to become.

Nickie said...


I too wish you were not going. I am really becoming quite fond of all the members in our group. The discussion have been very educational for me of late. I too am glad that Kami is coming. Maybe she would like to facilitate the discussion for THE Hiding Place?