Thursday, October 2, 2008

Can We Have Your Autograph...

On Sunday, I prepared my family for our Tuesday night outing by reading the Lambs version of Pericles. Since the cousins are visiting they too listened. Boy was that a good idea. About two hours before the show I decided to take the older cousins because the youngest had the stomach flu and the mom decided to change her plans.

How wonderful for the kids to go to BYU's Young Company performance of Shakespeare's "Pericles". Prior to the show, the actors come out and mingle with the audience. It was real fun to watch the children respond when the actors said who they were portraying. "Oh your evil." "Why do women cause all the death?" "We like you." "Wow you look to young to be old."
Anyway you get the point I hope.
Here are some pictures.
Oh I can't forget. Afterward the kids started asking for autographs. Where did they get that from I don't know. But they sure were excited to have Pericles sign his name.

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