Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Cleanup...

I think we better pull out the rest of the garden tomorrow as the nights have started to frost and what is left of the tomatoes have no chance at survival now. Then I think we better finish planting the 300 bulbs we have, well now it's less, more like 250. I talked with Beth this evening about moving the squash garden down below the house next spring and let those creeping buggers climb the lesser evil of three steep hills.

My youngest turns 8 next week. Can we slow down the days? No I guess not. I do appreciate each 24 hour cycle more so. then in my past. It helps to be giving thanks throughout the day. She's all excited for her upcoming baptism the first of November.

I was wondering if governmental moral decline has increased because or in relation to the breakdown of the family farms. It seems to be in my mind that the 70's had a lot of closure of farms. I asked someone else and he thought the 80's as well.

Thomas Jefferson said that the moral value of farming, is linked to political order. At a most basic level, farmers literally tied as they are to the land and mainly dependent upon their own labor are natural conservatives who resist political fad and fashion, and who value freedom and self-determination, the virtues most conducive to political independence and freedom...

I remember these qualities in my grandparents who where dairy farmers in Minnesota from 1941-early 1980's. I don't know the answer but I think the enticements of the Industrial Era; move from the farm, work less, make more, spend more must have been alluring. I believe it's called consumerism or materialism, or how about this this word I just made up; luxuryism.

I like this question facing me today: "How can the values of self-reliance, independence, freedom, and a tragic recognition of the limits nature imposes on human will and desire-virtues that once were nurtured in the daily struggle to grow food and that formed the bedrock of republican government-survive the centrifugal forces of consumer hedonism, therapeutic individualism, and mass-produced consensus of taste and opinion, not to mention the failure of our schools to teach the traditions of Western democracy?

Just thoughts without answers at this point for me. I guess it's food for my thoughts to chew on.

See ya later...

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