Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If You Ask, They'll Give You More Then You Expected...

After my last post, I called the county elections office to make sure they had the poll sites covered.

This is what I heard: "We just had a cancellation. Can you go to Salem Elementary?"

Ya, I guess I can.

Open your mouth and you find more then you know what to do with.

Welcome to Salem Elementary! "Your the new poll manager", said the voice on the other end of the phone. "Come take 6 hours of training Monday and spend 14 hours Tuesday at the voting site", and oh, btw, "you'll earn a $180 tax free".

I'm not doing it for the money, I can tell you that much! I'm doing it because of the 5,000 Year Leap. This seems a way to start and get involved with the voting process, and government issues.

I bet I'll have a different mind set come 9Pm November 4th.

My memories of voting in New Orleans are not that great. I hope there won't be any voter rage going on.

I know, I'll bring relaxing music.

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