Saturday, October 4, 2008

That's Got To Hurt...

We took our children to the Shangri-La Chinese Acrobatic Show at BYU last night. Beth kept asking, "when is it going to start?" Mattia said she was bored waiting for it to begin. Mom said,"fine, I'll take you home and bring back one of your cousins."

And then the show began and the first thing I hear from Mattia is,"wow I'm so glad you didn't take me home mom." And Beth,"oh I love this mom, thanks."

Patience, it's one of those tools of lifelong learning. It's a big one that I'm learning too so I can't get upset with the girls.

The acrobatics were lively and entertaining. One little girl (she sure liked young) was incredible at contorting her body. Talk about flexibility. I wonder if she will end up with arthritis early in life?

I found this on youtube of one of the acts the young men did:


Christina Bartholomew said...

My sister went to that show! It looks like tons of fun.

Nickie said...

It really was!