Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Y" Mount...

Our children went with my sister, Auntie Carrie, this past Saturday to climb to the top of the " Y". I am adding some of the pictures. What you don't see is Bethany setting and then trying to jump up and out of the way of a falling rock from further above. Luckily, Beth was able to move enough to receive only minor scratches to her right flank (side) of her back and along the side of her right arm. I guess she sat back down and started to cry lightly when someone realized she had actually made contact with the rock.

Such a blessing of protection was felt by our whole family. Had she not be able to move even that little bit, the rock would have hit her square in the back.

Eli decided to use this experience as a talk in Primary the following morning. We hear from other moms that he had all the little children listening. We all love a good story. Especially with happy endings.


Christina Bartholomew said...

What a neat experience. I'm glad she was okay. I'm embarrassed that I've lived here for 12 years now and never hiked the Y.

Nickie said...

Well, you haven't seen me up there yet either. I think I could use the practice for exercising purposes.