Thursday, November 27, 2008

Goodnight John Boy...

I experience fond memories when I hear the theme song for The Walton's. Do you remember John Boy and the family?
Gove and I went out last night and purchased the first and second seasons. Now we can watch The Walton's every Sunday night for a whole year. I hope to help create wonderful feelings in the hearts and minds of our children as the characters of the tv program seemed to have accomplished for me. I am completely surprised that I can remember plots from so long ago.

This evening, we thought it fitting to start with The Walton's Thanksgiving special from the second season. I heard John Boy say something that I have recently learned. Before WWII, boys and girls were not called teenagers. John Boy tells his little sister that he is a young man and his friend Jenny is a young women. Good, I said to myself, my children just heard this great point. We are not having "teenagers" but rather responsible young adults living through the teen-age years.

Another aspect of family life I like is seeing the grandparents living with the family, and guiding the grandchildren. Grandpa takes Ben out to shoot a turkey and although Ben misses the shot Grandpa said he knew Ben needed the chance to try and learn from the experience so that next year he'd be more prepared. I think the Walton family will cement some of the lessons we are teaching our children about family life, work, initiative, dedication, learning, and curiosity to name a few.

A nice way to end this Thanksgiving day.


Christina said...

I have to admit I've never seen the Waltons, but we have the DVDs of every season of Little House on the Prairie. It's nice to have something wholesome to watch.

Nickie said...

You are about 10 years behind me. It makes a difference. I loved LHOTP too.