Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Joy For Learning Even When Sickness Previals...

Perhaps you have noticed numerous changes to my blog today? Well, when you are sick and not quite up to worthwhile activities one speeds time changing the look of her blog and google home page. I had no idea there are so many themes for my home page at google. I've gone Christmas.

Here we are on the fourth day of illness in our home. Eli can hardly talk, is running a fever at times, and has a hard cough. My head feels like it's going to split. Every time I move my eyes without moving my head it hurts. Enough of illness. I am confident we will be healing soon.

My reason for writing has nothing to do with viruses, and everything to do with freedom. Drum roll..... today I saw freedom in action. Here's the scoop. This afternoon Bethany comes in with her Saxon math and announces she is going to work on her math until she feels she has had enough or Dad comes home. "O.K". I said, "wow this is so exciting to watch you. I bet your going to do so much that when you finish your book I'll take you to D.I." You should have seen Beth's eyes. I think her dreams center around D.I. (I hope Diann would be pleased with this example.)

My point? I never asked her to do this. She also read to me this morning just because she wanted to. This makes being together twenty four hours a day so worth it. And Eli, bless his heart decided he could read while laying in bed next to me and has just about finished Revolutionary War on Wednesday. It's an easy read but when your sick it's nice not to have to think hard. Yesterday Tia worked so hard at reading and spelling she felt she needed a break and has been sculpting with that foam sculpting clay that dries quickly, and listening to Farmer Boy.

The bummer for me today is that I was actually ready for my government history class and can't go. I'm really not sure what to think about taking this extension course through George Wythe. I have yet to feel inspired by the class or the presenter and there is one class meeting left. Yet I have persevered for myself and accomplished the reading. I haven't found the group discussions that stimulating. I wonder if it's because I'm tired come evening? No it's not that. Yet my finger isn't getting to the source. I hope to take my first class at BYU next semester and maybe I can figure out whats missing this time for me or what will be missing next semester at BYU that I can't comprehend just yet.

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