Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After The Election Pill... :)

I realize that there is a pill that women can take to prevent contraception after copulation. However I'm not talking about that morning after pill. I'm talking about a pill for the pain after sixteen hours of managing and balancing the totals at an election polling precinct.

Come on ibuprofen, do your stuff.

Oh, the pain, the morning after election day! Twenty-four hours over two days, and I survived. I was the poll manager in Salem at the elementary school, and like so many other places, the morning was crazy, the afternoon slower, and the anticipated evening rush never came.

The biggest delay was in setting the machines for voting. You are given one hour to have the computers zeroed and ready for voting. I and my co-manager had five booths ready when it was time to let everyone in. Our six poll workers who take information as the person arrives did a fantastic job and once we had all the booths working things just moved right along.

I really enjoyed thanking people for coming in to vote and ensuring the voting cards were returned, keeping track of the number of cards in the arena being used, hoping our count in the books and on the machines matched. It was fun in an exhausting type of way and I might consider it again. Although the money is non-taxable, and frankly not worth the time involved, your really doing this work as a service. I like to think of it as my patriotic duty.


Christina said...

Good for you for working at the polls. At first I thought you were saying you needed a pill to help you deal with the results of the election. Maybe they should make those too. =)

Nickie said...

I heard in my government class that when there is a crisis or turning (see The 4th Turning) the party coming into power has typically ruled for about 40-50 years (like the democrats in the 30's-early 80's) and there is (I think) about 20 years of upheaval before a party takes major control again.

So yes, a pill for the results would be nice but it's better to face the future informed or at lest trying to become informed.