Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Inspiring At The Museum Please...

I read a post at TJEDMUSE by Donna. She remembers when her mom would tell the kids that she was going crazy and did they want to come along.

When I awoke Tuesday morning of this week, I thought I was getting better. I remembered what Donna said and decided to give it a shot. I thought that going to the BYU Art Museum would be a fun way to "go crazy". After all there is a lot of crazy art to discover. We arrived 45 minutes early, it was closed. We went to the book store and while there I realized I was not getting better but rather the infection or virus was moving into my head. I guess you should know that I wasn't feeling great when we returned to the museum.

We decided that the Modern Art display would be a great place to color/draw a picture of something we thought was crazy looking, in celebration of the event.

We barely walked into the gallery when Mattia sat down to draw a picture of an X setting in the center of the room. In no time flat the security guard comes over and says, "you are not allowed to set on the floor in the museum, nor are you allowed to color without a sketching pass and only in the designated areas".

What!!! What do yo mean a child can't set on the floor and draw a picture of something she sees. The guard said that's the policy and to go talk to the front desk. Oh, I went and talked to the front desk all right. Because now my head really hurts and they have just spoiled a great love of learning moment of inspiring not requiring!

In New Orleans we'd go to the art museum and sat drawing pictures of what ever was our fancy. Or we would set and just look. But oh no, not here at BYU.

With rules that don't allow children to get excited about coming and creating at the art museum, how can you expect them to grow a love for the environment?

I hope through what we do at home and in our travels will counter balance such a let down at the BYU Museum of Art this past Tuesday.

So, I took the kids to Maceys Grocery store and they investigated the highest cost of cereals, medications, and pet animal foods. They sat down along the side of the aisles and drew a picture of a product that was crazily priced. And not a person said we couldn't do this. The art wasn't half bad. And the other crazy thing was that I bought each a doughnut afterward.

P.S. They told me it was fun and could we do this again some place else. Maybe a book store next time. Boy there must be some pretty pricey collections.


mindy said...

That is really LAME! I'm sorry they are such stinkers. I wonder if the Springville MoA is better. They have a cool illustrator (children's books) exhibit right now. I've been wanting to take the kids. I went with the cub scouts last month.

Could you put the link to the article by Donna?

Nickie said...

It's TJEdMuse Yahoo group digest number 828.

("It is the parent that opens new doors of experience for children. We would ask mom, "where are you going?"
She would answer, "Crazy, wanna come along?" She took me to oil class
with her, she took me to the store, she took me to concerts, plays,
musicals, museums, hiking, traveling, and so forth. When the new
library opened she took us down to go through the building and there
was a lady giving people library cards. I got one! I felt so grown
up. Mom inspired me to want to learn more by living an active and
varied life.")

Christina said...

That policy does seem weird. Maybe they're worried about crayon marks on the floor or something?

I don't think they have it at the Beam Museum, because I see people sketching there all the time.

Sounds like you had a fun time despite being sick.

Kristin said...

Being as new as I am to TJEd, I really enjoyed this post. I am grateful for any and all ideas of ways to inspire my children. It is too bad that you had that experience at the BYU Art Museum, but it sounds like you did an awesome job of making the most of the situation and still provided a fun, learning experience for your chilren. Hope you are feeling better!