Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reading...It's Worth More Then You Can imagine

I should be sleeping, I'm running a fever and my joints hurt. I can't sleep so I come here to put down some epiphanies that have come over the night. I'm going to say all these things in the hopes that someone can take an idea and run with it, or feel inspired to try something that comes into your mind.

Last night I finished Roots of American Order (see my Goodreads bar). It was 10pm and I could not go to sleep. Instead I read the introduction to Three Cups of Tea. This neat epiphany idea came into my mind. What if we could get the author to come here and in exchange we, that is the Utah county communities provide a truck load of school kits for the children in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Isn't that interesting? I wonder what could be done about this? First I'm going to read his book, then I'm going to investigate the cost and then I'm going to write to him.

And you know what, this and a few others thoughts would not have come my way if it wasn't for reading, praying, and pondering what God wants me to be doing along with my mission as mother and wife, and disciple of Jesus Christ. Wow, I was just so surprised to have these ideas coming into my mind and I give thanks.

This morning I was finishing the story of Esther, and using the institute manual for additional commentary. I went through the points to ponder and the idea of a celebration of the festival of Purim came into my mind. Three main points occur at this fest. 1. Every time the name of Haman is said the kids go crazy with noise. 2. Gifts are given to the poor. and 3. Gifts of food and drink are given among the celebrators. I see the idea of purpose and having missions in life to serve coming into all of this as well. What a great homeschool activity.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh, in her book Gift from the Sea, says:

‘My life cannot implement in action all the demands of all the people to whom my heart responds.’

The quotes in the manual were so moving for me to read. I heard that although I have good ideas coming into my mind, I can only do so much. That's why I'm sharing here. Neal A Maxwell said in 1972:

"The world is full of causes that lead into conceptual cul-de-sacs. Our task, therefore, is to be wise in the selection of good causes, using the scriptures and the modern prophets as our guide."

I can go on but it's time to stop and have my symfree tea. And I might be boring you. All the same I am excited about life.

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