Friday, November 14, 2008

A Successful Evening...

Last night's guest lecturer, Diann Jeppson, presented an inspiring example of the greatness that can occur within a family when we as parents understand freedom and exercises our choices in such a way that it actually encourages our children to accomplish without taking the power for learning away from our children. She spoke about the arts of inspiring and the arts of enduring.

We had over 40 people in attendance! Wow, I planned for about 32 and hoped they would all show up and look want happened. It was great. There were reunions of a number of people who had not seen each other since college 11= years ago, a mom who felt she just had to come and said she found what she needed to do with one of her girls, 3rd cousins meet again after many years, neighbors discovered each other. Needless to say I am still feeling the blessings of love poured out in different ways to touch the hearts of many people present.

This is so neat to see happening. I just get full inside my chest and want to burst with the joy that I feel as I'm being guided to do these things. How thankful I am for a loving Father in heaven and for his Son, who is the Redeemer of mankind.

I'm thankful again this morning for Corrie Ten Boom and The Hiding Place which came to my mind while at Wal-Mart and I was blessed to change my thinking about some people around me as we are all the children of a loving God.

I seriously want to know more about the TJED Basic Training Course that is offered through HomeFires by Diann and Jodie. If anyone else is interested please contact me.


Amy said...

Hey Nickie! I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind to let so many people into your home last night. And for arranging babysitters. That was so generous of you.

It was a great evening. It was nice to have my own fire of inspiration encouraged, and to get some more confirmation that we are on the right educational path.

By the way, I loved that sign you had with the 7 keys on it. Did you make that?

Thanks again!

Amy Allred

Nickie said...

Amy, I am so glad you enjoyed the evening. I am still uplifted from all the positive comments people have said or sent to me.

It's good to have a supportive husband who is willing to do all this too.

Regarding the 7 Keys, I bought it long ago in Ca. But I think it could be a fun activity.

Christina said...

I'm glad it was such a success! Great job!

Nickie said...

Thank you Christina! This type of activity is beginning to bloom within my mind and heart. I think it's exciting to see where heavenly Father is going to take me on this journey.

Annette J said...

Amy, Nickie and any others who may be interested. I make & sell the 7 Key plaques (I include the new 8th Key introduced 2 years ago at the Forum)as well as other TJed & leadership education related vinyl decor.
Anyone who is interested-- just give me a call at 801.963.5129 or 801.860.9618 or you can email me at I offer group discounts on my products if you want to do a workshop with others who are interested.
Just an FYI
Annette Jones