Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time For You To Slow Down Too...

Take a deep breath right now.

Now repeat after me, "I am slowing down this very hour." Good. Now I want you to stop and simply spend the afternoon listening to a truly uplifting and wonderfully written story.

I have mentioned before my appreciation for Gene Stratton Porter, it hasn't changed. Today I knew I needed to slow down and Gene has a way with her stories that causes you to stop and really listen to the characters.

In this case of relaxing, I want you to listen to the beautiful story of Freckles. A boy raised in an orphanage, missing his right hand, and never wanted. He is seeking employment in the woods of the Limberlost.

I love to read/hear how Freckles develops into a man while living in the forest around the animals and a few friends. Freckles possesses the qualities any mother would love to see in her son and frankly I hope to add to the character of our son with the listening of this story. I see my son thinking and taking little lines from books and using them in his life for self development and improvement.

While your listening to Freckles, you can set with your children and start some type of hand craft. For us, we like to use the hook loom and make hats (that's me) or blankets (that's Beth). Drawing while reading is another favorite past time in our home.

Develop a craft that can be enjoyed all winter while you are gathered together listening to great works.

Come to LibriVox and take the afternoon to get inspired by the determination of a boy who wants to make a place for himself and create beauty in the process of over coming his challenges. Freckles exemplifies value, integrity, and morality.

Give time a chance, you have nothing to loss and loving memories to create with your children.

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