Saturday, December 13, 2008

Announcing the GWU Extension Course for Utah County,

starting January 2009

On January 21, we will be starting the next extension course in Utah County! Please join us as we explore US History, 1607-1776. Reading and discussing biographies of those who impacted the shaping of our nation, along with other powerful works. Here is the course description and readings list:


3 Credits


This course is the first in a serious of U.S. History courses

based around the biographies of the prominent presidents and

leaders of the period. In this course we will study the events

that shaped America from the 1600’s through the founding of

our nation and on to events leading to the secession of the

southern states. Instead of dry facts, we will get into

the hearts and minds of the people who made things

happen. From the Magna Charta to the Declaration of

Independence and on through Federalism, Jeffersonian politics

and Jacksonian era come join us in a study of history that will

change the way you look at the world today.


ST102A Reading Packet

McCullough, John Adams

Card, Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin

Bennett, America, The Last Best Hope vol. I

Hawthorne, Scarlet Letter

Allison, The Real Thomas Jefferson (optional)

Carson, Basic History of the United States volumes 1-3 (optional)

Parry & Allison, The Real George Washington (optional)

Other selected writing TBA

Class will be held in the Provo/Orem area (location TBA) on Wednesday evenings from 6-9

Please contact Jodi with questions either by phone or email: 801-794-0440, When you are ready to enroll, please fill out the Off Campus Registration Form found at and contact me for information on where to send it.

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