Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Little Red Buckets...

Oh My, I hope you can find this little treasure of a Christmas story. It's called The Little Red Buckets by Lynda M. Nelson.

Jenny who is 10 has the responsibility to take two red lard buckets to their neighbors a half mile up the road every day. A friendship blooms. Set around WWI, this is a sweet story of faith hope, love, and death. But that doesn't really say much does it.

Mrs. Nie, who is Jenny's friend brings a special heavenly Christmas gift to the family on Christmas Eve in the midst of a great snow storm. It's a story of the love of our Savior and the gift to all mankind because of his birth atonement, and resurrection.

I cried and cried. It's a fast read and the kids loved the message. I know you and your children will be blessed for finding and reading this treasure together. If I see a little red bucket I shall always think of this classic.

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