Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Service In Action...Last Chance To Order...

Earlier this month, we held a Family Home Evening lesson about serving and helping this month within the community.

It was decided by the children that all bread sales made during December will be donated to local charity organizations.

Eli, Beth, and Tia, delivered notes to the neighborhood explaining their plan. (It's the picture with the Wise men on it)

Gove made a fresh new label and I added the Christmas bow.

One Hundred and Seventy loafs later, the kids now have about $630 to donate.

At this point the talk is focusing on the local soup kitchen and a shelter for mothers and children. We are leaving this decision up to the children.

Notice our WWII Hobart mixer that is finally getting some use again since we bought it shortly after we married and have moved it all over the country. Now it's feeling like itself.

A few weeks ago we took left over bread to the Food and Care Coalition which is the local soup kitchen. I was hoping the kids would be interested in serving there. Once they saw the industrial dishwasher, (just like the one in Ratatouille),
they were all ready and willing to come serve others.

We are making bread next Monday or maybe it's this Saturday. You can purchase a loaf if you live in Utah County for $4. And while you savory every delicious bite of whole wheat bread, you can feel good about helping others less fortunate this winter season.

Plus you will be contributing to the development of our children's entrepreneurial skills at the same time. Can't beat this deal anywhere.

One night we made 80 loaves. It was this evening that Gove created this large cooling box for the cooked loaves. Big help.

Merry Christmas to all.

From the sous chefs of Bethlehem Bakery.


Christina said...

What a great way to serve and teach your children service! Congrats to you all.

Nickie said...

Well i can't take the credit. Everyone really contributed to the cause. In the end they donated to three organizations with a total of $701.

Anonymous said...
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