Thursday, January 15, 2009

Changing The Past...

I finished reading Pastwatch last Saturday. It's been interesting to think about history since. What really happened in a given event of time verses the perception of what happened by the author, given the perceptions and experiences of the persons reading what the author wrote.

It would be interesting to watch what really happened in world events of the past. Except I would like to skip the blood and horror. But then I would be missing a piece of the history. Wouldn't I?

For me, this puts a new twist on accurate history. Orson Scott Card spins an interesting change to the ending of Christopher Columbus and the America's. I liked what Card did, but I know so little about the idea of Mexico and the Caribbean becoming a world power for peace and possibly preventing slavery in America? Would slavery have stopped in Europe? That was the goal of the characters at Pastwatch.. .Influence Columbus so that slavery never begins. The key??? Teach Columbus and his men that all people, regardless of sex, religion, or color are brother and sisters and humans with feelings. It worked in the book. Yet it doesn't feel right to imagine going back in time and changing events. It was interesting to think that the whole world of Pastwatch had to agree to going back in time because it meant that the earths time that this Pastwatch was living in would cease to exist.

Next week I start an American History class with the distance studies program at GWU. We have a number of original documents to read (once we get them), The Scarlet Letter, John Adams, America The Last Best Hope, and Uncle Tom's Cabin. I hope to be taught by study and also by faith.

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