Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cows, Music, and Uncle Eric...

This morning we had an interesting learning time thanks to the Hobby farm magazine. It turns out that Scotland breaded a cow most likely from a Dutch version and created the Belted Galloway in the 16th century.
If we ever have a hobby farm, this is the beef cow for us. Belties are smaller then commercial breeds. They carry a double coat of hair to keep them warm in winter and like a pond to help cool off in the summer. They are happy to eat grass, birth their young easily, and are disease resistant. They carry less fat on their bodies, are hornless, and apparently the bulls are friendlier then the cows. Lastly they all look like big Oreo cookies.

I'm just beginning to digest the Uncle Eric series this afternoon. I'm reading Richard Maybury's Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This? I have a feeling this is going to be worth reading for PALMS after the 5,000 Year Leap book. In this book he describes his objective and outlines the value of his books. He says that once I understand the models that economics, justice, and other fields are based upon then I can understand the flow of history in different fields.

I finished listening to The Teaching Company's Great Composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. No wonder I've only ever heard his name as Tchaikovsky. It was eight hours of interest mingled with sadness. There was a big cover up over his death. He was homosexual. He was called upon to kill himself because he was caught. It was said for many years that he did not boil the water he drank and died of Cholera. He married once, but could not continue this way and was always in fear of exposure by her.
Perhaps I will dream about sugar plums tonight instead of beef stroganoff.

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