Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Did Not Know...

So today during our group learning time, we started reading Understood Betsy by Dorthy C. Fisher. I think this story is going to have great lessons. At this point the kids are understanding why we want them to think and do many things for themselves and not be told at every turn but excise the intelligence God gave them. Poor Betsy has grown to age nine and has never made a decision for herself until she meets her Vermont cousins...

We added to our time line when we came across Charlemagne of 800 AD who was crowned the Holy Roman Emperor of the western nation on Christmas day. Whats interesting is that he apparently reestablished the idea of a Nation Assembly each year in May to hear from the people. With so many people he established a representative system to present the ideas of the people. Now the book said he was the first to establish this system. But I think the Romans and Greeks did that much sooner at different periods in their respective histories. Didn't they?

Charlemagne was the grand son of Charles the Hammer who in 730's lead the Franks (who came from Germany) of France against the Muslim Arabs, (I think the Moors who had invaded Spain) from conquering France.

That's when I remembered in Pastwatch about the Spanish (King Ferdinand) not excited about Christopher Columbus because they had been fighting to expel the Moors from the southern end of Spain. If what I read is correct now I see the connection. I also noticed that our time line is getting pretty crowded between 1400 and 1500 which is not a bad thing but we seem to be in the general area recently.

We are in the afternoon and holding personal projects time. Mattia is trying to dissect a fish and is telling me how hard this is but she is going to keep trying. She painted this funny cat last week and I love the green background. I just have to share it here.

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