Sunday, February 1, 2009

This evening I was reading to Gove our next book for this Thursday's colloquium. There's ideas presented that I've put to the side for no good reason and see that it's the right time for me to be reviewing the principles of leadership education presented by Oliver DeMille. I have held some reserve for this author since learning more about his degrees which seem to be in question, yet I am reminded of something my husband said on the phone this evening; "you don't throw the baby out with the water". I may question the author but the principles presented by Oliver have been true to us. However, I've been lax on a number of quality ideas, one of which is the use of a Commonplace book. The idea is to write a paragraph or an essay if older about your learning experiences at the end of each day. A commonplace book provides a way to show processes and progress in your education and allows you to formulate thoughts of your learning on paper each day. The nice thing about this type of book today is that my blog is just as convenient.

We are considering a change in the style of the colloquium we host. We have had a wonderful support of families for over 14 months. Maybe it's just the winter season but I sense a change coming. Our main families have new directions to tend to. Last week we finished the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers and sadly had three people attend. That includes both of us as well. This is to be expected of course. Gove suggested a possible family colloquium. I think this is an idea to consider.

I too have found myself in a sort of odds. My desire for reading is in a slump and motivation for supporting homeschooling is waning at present. I do have one thing going for me. Faith. I have a sure knowledge, because of experience, that I will pull out of this and God will help me and comfort me not necessarily at my time but in His time. Lately I found many wonderful words of support and encouragement in the scriptures both the Bible and The Book of Mormon.

We just finished our third episode of The Waltons tonight. I'm off to bed. But wait! I learned that bats are great for eating mosquitoes. By placing a bat houses at a certain height and direction the bats will come and live. I had no idea and plan to learn more on the topic. We can have bats, honey bee hives, wild flowers, chickens, and fruit trees this year. It's exciting to grow.

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Cherie said...

I'm so sorry your turn out for colloquium wasn't better! How sad. I know it's been wonderful for me to attend, and I've been so inspired by you, but I hope you can do what's best for you and your family as well. I hope tonight had a better showing! I wanted so badly to come! Thanks for all you do... I know you've helped so many people. It can be hard to keep up personal motivation, especially when certain seasons of life are happening to and around us. I do enjoy your thoughts though... maybe we could start a colloquium blog of sorts? It's been hard for me to read too (and for your other post, lose weight), I'd be happy to have an "e-support" buddy. I never know where I'll be, but the internet is never far away! Let me know what you think.