Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm frustrated. I think I've hit a wall in my personal journey towards intelligence. (Not that I've had much :) to begin with but still I've been trying up until...hmmm... oh late December I'd say. I'm serious here. My wisdom and knowledge that equate to intelligence is and has been limited.)

I've been wanting to say something about two government issues but find myself unable to express anything that would be of value...yet I'm going to try anyway.

My whole being gets so upset when I hear about another government bailout, this time over 830 billion dollars. As I drive to different errands and listen to the news or talk shows, I just feel like this is wrong and a big mistake to cover up the sins of corporate America with a bailout. (I don't know if it's corporate exactly)

I don't feel that this stimulus package is going to help our economy. I feel that it's going to help some peoples pockets. I think we are in for a long crisis. I hear more about spending and no suggestion of saving and living under or within one's monthly income.

I have no answers, I've read The Fourth Turning that says we are entering the Crisis stage which is the fourth cycle to go through before the High. These cycles can be quick like what 10 years? Or drag out for twenty-ish years. There is much I don't understand nor can articulate.

That's what I'm so disappointed in myself about. My lack to change or make any difference because I can't seem to say what I think on to paper. Of course my thoughts aren't grand and more then thoughts these are emotions playing out in my head.

I think this new law regarding lead in toys and clothes is fine from the stand point of new items. But it's crazy that second hand thrift stores will have to find a way to test products and know which are recalled or they can be fines $100,000.00 for having the item on their shelves.

Now I don't know what this all means. Except it's going to be harder for families to get used clothing, even books with certain metal spiral bindings are on the list or maybe not on the list but need to be tested to see if they hold to much lead. Apparently some clothes with metal buttons or appliqu├ęs have lead in them.

It feels like something more sinister is going on that I can't put my thoughts upon but my spirit tells me I should not be comfortable with either of these situations I just mentioned.

While reading a little about the fall of Constantinople in 1453 this morning I read this quote by Cardinal Nicholas Cusa.

We should always seek for truth and knowledge, but we should remember that knowledge and wisdom are of worth only if we let our lives be governed by them.”


Hammy said...

I know what you mean about the inability to express yourself. I have lots of things floating around in my head but I hesitate to write about them because I'm sure other people have other information than I do guiding their opinions and I doubt whether or not I can adequately express myself and persuade others to what I see.


Jill said...

As far as the bailout goes, I've found reading Basic Economy by Thomas Sowell has been incredibly enlightening. It's not a difficult read, but truly immerses the reader in what economy is and does and allows us to draw an easy conclusion and speak our minds well about why this stimulus package is so fatal to the economy.

Christina said...

You know, I think sometimes when we hit a wall in our pursuit of something, it may just mean that it's time to take our life in a different direction -- perhaps not the one WE intended, but one certainly that will bring us joy.

I think you're doing fine in expressing yourself -- I'm not a fan of the "bailout" either (I keep joking to my husband, "Hey, where's OUR bailout?" I like that our new president is charismatic, but that's about all I can say that's positive.

Nickie said...

Thank you for your support ladies. I find each of you great at expressing yourselves on your blog sights.

I need to remember we are works in progress but gosh I'm half way to 50 and I think I'm trying to skip steps and need to take time for more understanding.

Your great keep up the good work each of you are doing.